Highly qualified technical service

We provide and manage temporary technical personnel, to help our clients reduce their costs by covering their needs with our professional resources.

Representations for sale of Machinery, Spare Parts and Consumables

We cover your needs in Vacuum pumps, ophthalmic machines, machines for solar panels production, chillers, cryogenic pumps -135º, end-blocks, testing and laboratory equipment, packaging machines and “target materials”.

Installation and transfer of Production Plants.

Specialists in the installation and transfer of Production plants that want to start or move their businesses to emerging markets. We improve production and products, making “UPGRADES” to machinery, modernizing them and resulting in a better product.


Rafael Requena - CEO

Rafael Requena - CEO

ADVANCED INDUSTRIAL SOLUTIONS EUROPE S.L. It is based on the objective of providing technical assistance services and covering all the needs of its customers, generating an added value of quality and trust.

Our vision is to fulfill the objective of being in the minds of our clients when they need technical or engineering resources. And that is why we base our work on the following values:

  1. The client and the employee are at the center of our thinking and acting.
  2. Process and continuous cost improvement.
  3. Quality and sense of urgency.
  4. Communication, collaboration and attitude.

That is why the Management considers this Policy as an integral part of the business strategy of ADVANCED INDUSTRIAL SOLUTIONS EUROPE S.L. ensuring its dissemination, understanding and compliance by our entire team.




Carrer Vallès 4
___08130 Santa Perpetua de Mogoda


(+34) 935 144 448


Monday to Friday: 9h to 13h and 15h to 19h